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GoldDust is a social enterprise which believes in the transformative power of creative activities. We aim to be the leading provider of arts-based solutions to enhance learning and development while providing a positive social impact.

Our vision is to:

* empower individuals by enabling them to recognise their own creative potential

* deliver inspirational arts programmes in partnership with and for the benefit of communities

* work with public bodies to help them achieve their statutory objectives through the arts

* provide the means for private companies to realise their corporate social responsibility objectives

* establish long-term relationships with our contributing artists whereby both parties are committed to the success and standing of the organisation

Welcome to GoldDust

About GoldDust

GoldDust is a leading provider of arts for all, delivering high-quality innovative projects for a variety of sectors, including: schools, care homes, prisons, hospitals and more.

We have ready made packages for you, and can also work with you to create customised arts-based learning projects and platforms.

We have a transportable media centre, state of the art office facilities and access to recording studios – all to create great projects with.

We operate both regionally and nationally – ensuring that the whole country has the GoldDust experience.

We use the entire creative spectrum to achieve results: IT, animation, ceramics, drama, photography, drumming, dance and much much more.

At GoldDust we work with tutors and partners of the highest calibre to deliver projects tailored with you for you.

Our GoldDust tutors are professional practicing artists, many have taught at Universities, or have graduated from the leading art colleges including The Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths – pure gold –pure talent.

GoldDust is built upon the foundations of a charity with a 30 year history called Community Focus. This means that we have decades of participatory delivery experience. We are a trusted organisation, who will only work with tutors who understand the GoldDust ethos – we respect your values and abilities, whilst nurturing and developing your latent creative talent.

Our founder and Director Tim Balogun also created: Sculpture at Wat Tyler, a large-scale project where school children led on the design and creation of monolithic site-specific artworks.

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