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‘Categorisation is inaccurate yet necessary’
Jacques Derrida

We at GoldDust are very aware that it isn’t always possible to categorise or be categorised – that’s why we have an ‘Other Projects’ section.

You may need us to design projects which are an amalgam of various disciplines (spoken word & ceramics for example), where we help you put poems on pots. However off-the-wall your creative wishes may be, GoldDust is receptive.

Our team, whilst being professional creative practitioners in our own right, have also spent much of our lives as workshop leaders, participatory leaders, or consultants within various sectors.

As a result of this we will try to find a creative solution which suits your needs and expectations.

We are creative leaders.

We believe that everyone is an artist.

Inclusivity Heading

GoldDust offers a wide network of experienced tutors who can deliver projects and work with you to ensure inclusivity of all arts projects.

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